Real estate for sale in southern California communities. Cheryl Gollnick, Real Estate Broker


REG logo webReal Estate Group is a real estate brokerage that lists and sells real estate and we also work with investors who buy real estate. 

Real Estate Group lists and sells all types of properties but we have specialized knowledge in working with foreclosures and other distressed properties or distressed ownership situations where the owners need help in selling their properties quickly, without having to pay commissions, costs or make repairs to the property.

While we work for the seller, we may work with the buyer as well. If a seller has received a "Notice of Default" or "Notice of Trustee Sale", it is essential to find a buyer quickly for the property so that the seller can avoid foreclosure. We have a list of cash buyers we work with for this reason.

if the seller's lender is involved and we have to negotiate a short sale for the seller, we will always ask for the lender to allow our seller cash to move on. Our investors will accept the property as-is and agree to pay all the closing costs.

In some instances our investors can take over the mortgage loan and if the owner is in foreclosure they can catch up their back payments and bring them out of foreclosure. They will give them cash to move on and continue to make their mortgage payments until they rehab and re-sell the property or refinance their loan. Either way, they will be helping the owner to restore and build good credit on their mortgage loan.

We believe that for any transaction to work, it must work for all parties involved. 

We care about clients and expect everyone involved in a transaction to be ethical and honest in their dealings with the property owners we represent.

These property owners are usually dealing with situations such as foreclosure, job transfer, loss of income, medical crisis, divorce, death in the family or other stressful situation.

It's one thing to be a brokerage that can list a property owner's property when they need help, but it's truly rewarding to be able to work with the property owner in their time of need to relieve them of the root of their problem, usually being the property or loan hanging over their head. This gives the owner peace of mind, knowing that we are doing all we can to solve their problem.

If the owner has equity in the property, we ask our investors to share a portion of the equity with them.

If you are a property owner needing to sell your property, please contact us.

Cheryl's photo  About Cheryl Gollnick

I am the Broker of Real Estate Group and I have 30 years experience in working with buyers, sellers and investors.

I was born in East Texas and was raised in the Dallas, Texas area.  I went to college in Arlington, Texas and studied Business Administration. I received my real estate license in 1978, starting out as a real estate agent in Dallas, Texas.  

In 1984 I moved to California and worked for various sales organizations before getting my real estate license again in 1991.

Since this time, I have worked with real estate clients and invested in real estate on my own. 

During the period of 1999-2013 I focused on working with owners in foreclosure. 

I received my Brokers license in California in 2013 and began to work with owners who owed more on their mortgage loans than their property was worth. This is known as a short sale and I have become a short sale expert in working with lenders to get owner's short sales approved so the owner doesn't suffer the foreclosure sale of their property. I also work with cash investors who can purchase these types of properties quickly to help owners avoid foreclosure. 

In 2015, I began to work with investors who could help me to help sellers in foreclosure. These investors have the ability to step in and pay cash to help the owner to sell their property quickly to save it from foreclosure.

In 2019, I added an endorsement to my license so I am now able to offer all types of loans to help my clients: purchase, re-finance, reverse mortgages and private lender loans.

If you are an investor who would like to help us while making a great return on your investment, please contact me.

You can reach me at (951) 306-0001

CA BRE Lic. #01117664